About The Side Hug

Since I was young I’ve used writing as on outlet both emotionally and creatively. It has brought me peace in my anger, companionship in my loneliness, joy in the creation and most satisfyingly freedom in my thoughts. Writing was my best friend for many years but we somehow lost touch. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss it. I absolutely thought about it from time to time but I found that our paths didn’t often align. What a mistake to let it go. Writing is my God given gift. Not in a talent kind of way, but in a heart pulling, stress relieving, making sense of my thoughts, lifting God up out of my chaos kind of way. The Side Hug is exactly that. It is me getting to use my gift to navigate through life’s struggles, rewards and challenges all while falling in line with God’s will. It is my chance to bring my heart back to its center that is God. Bring it back to where it should be which is focused on Him, His kingdom and His will. It is me telling you that I am more than a casual side hug I am everything that God says I am. I am good, I am loved and I am worthy a full embrace


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