In The Full Embrace

Today as we head out to gather with our family and friends to celebrate Freedom, let’s not forget where freedom comes from who gave it to us. I’m not talking about good Ol’ Herby Hancock (Tommy Boy reference) I’m talking about Jesus.

We have freedom in our imperfections because Jesus is perfect.

We have freedom in being a sinful people because Jesus was sinless.

We have freedom from our failures because Jesus is the triumph.

We have freedom from the disappointment that we are to others because Jesus is peace.

We have freedom from our deserved fate because Jesus sacrificed himself to give us a new one.

We are free to be who God made us because of Jesus and the work the He did on our behalf.

So go be who God says you are, a sinful, imperfect, sometimes disappointing yet still loved and accepted  son/daughter of God that was saved because you found favor in His eyes.

Happy 4th of July


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