Anger, That Sly Old Fox

 In The Full Embrace

We all have a story. Some of our stories have taken us through some really rough beginnings while other’s stories have them in a heart wrenching present. Whatever the journey, anger has probably had a front row seat. Being at your limit tends to open that door, inviting anger in like a familiar friend. We vent, we rage, we blame. Anger feeds off of the attention that we give it. With every refusal to avoid it, anger takes one step after another through the door into our hearts.

While reading a bible plan this morning, there was a statement the author made that slapped me in the face, “Anger, is the belief that you are owed something.”  Isn’t that the truth? In those moments we feel that we are owed, respect, affection, attention, trust, time, courtesy/kindness, success, honesty or second chances. We are owed the life/family that was promised to us, we are owed opportunity; we are owed years back of our lives that someone took advantage of. This list goes on and on. Are we justified to be upset, angry? Perhaps, but giving this single feeling all of our power takes more from us than what we initially lost. Anger takes away our ability to show forgiveness and extend grace. It makes us sick from the inside out. It changes our hearts and causes us to exhibit a behavior that we may not otherwise display had we replaced it with a few deep breathes and a prayer.

I’m not saying don’t get angry, I’m saying don’t stay there. Drop by for a brief visit then keep it moving. Is there a reason to be angry about an unfaithful spouse? Yes, but staying it that place poison’s your heart not theirs. Can we all understand why one might be angry with dishonesty? Yes, but what will your anger change. Anger doesn’t change the person you feel owes you or the outcome. Anger only changes you.

And by the way, how long can we live in anger. It’s exhausting to say the least. How long will we keep ourselves captive, prideful and looking to right a wrong? The only answer is, NOT ANOTHER DAY. We need a change in our perspective. We are not in control of other people, their decisions or their choices but we are in control of our own choices and the behaviors that we allow to come from our hearts. Take the control away from anger and give it back to its rightful owner, God.

Today, let us make the choice to let go of the hurt, to move forward out of the past and away from anger. Let’s learn to find patience in our frustrations, just as God is patient with us. Let’s be slow to anger and quick to forgive because we are forgiven. Let’s not forget that God is bigger and he has our back.

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