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Bad Days Lined In Silver - The Side Hug - Worthy of a full embrace

Bad Days Lined In Silver

 In The Full Embrace

Cohen walks through the door after a long day of being spoiled from donuts for breakfast and swimming and cupcakes to celebrate his cousin’s birthday to going out to dinner instead of eating broccoli at home. The ride home appeared to be a success until we had to make a stop at a place that had a claw machine. You know the machine. It’s the one that you put thousands of dollars into in hopes of winning a cheap stuffed animal that is worth less than the time you spent trying to win it let alone the money you willingly handed over. Oh yes, that claw machine. Cohen and Rory each got a turn because their father is much kinder than I am. Rory tried and lost and moved on with life, but Cohen didn’t move on so easily. Upset that he lost his mood changed very quickly from being thankful for the opportunity to angry that he wasn’t getting another one.

The last few months I have been feeling like Cohen. I am given a new opportunity to be thankful every time I wake up only to squander it on the negative that life has thrown my way. Negativity and trials have a way of doing that. They are far more captivating than the positive. Why is that? Is it because there is a story behind it where we come out as the survivor? Do we enjoy the hardships out of habit? What is it that makes us dwell so heavily on the bad in situations rather than overlook them to focus on the silver lining instead.

I’ve been trying desperately to teach Cohen that very thing. If he’s not the best at something right away, he gets down on himself. If life doesn’t go his way, the world is ending. I don’t want him to see life that way. I don’t want to see life that way. God allows bad things to happen, but also the good. And when the good has yet to come out of a situation we get to look for what it is or can be instead of keeping our eyes on the bad. God is good and our eyes, my eyes should be lifted to Him. There is a reason for the saying, “keep your head up.” When your head is up your eyes can be focused on God. When your head is hanging down angled at your feet your focus is aimed at Satan from the very place he dwells, allowing the self-pity, negativity and anger to hold your attention.

Although I cannot see it in the moment, I am grateful for my son and the challenges that he brings. Not only do they allow teaching moments and opportunities for me to lead him to his savior but they allow for perspective on where my own heart has been and how I too get to find my way back to my savior. I am grateful that my savior allows me to come back to him again and again after failing miserably at having a thankful heart and loves me just the same, just as my love for Cohen remains unchanged. Together Cohen and will learn to find the silver lining in all situations. Together we get to be grateful for the unending opportunity to tune our hearts.

Photo Cred: Melvina Mak

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